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The Brocklebank

The Brocklebank are a teenage indie-pop band from Pontypridd, South Wales. A blend of modern indie rock, 80’s pop influences & languorous vocals contrive to impart an atypical dreamy quality to their songs. 



Curtis Hicks - Vocals, Guitar

When I look back at the last three years, they feel like an eternity. All I know now is being a part of this band. I only learnt how to play a guitar at the end of 2013 &, to be honest, I done a pretty shit job at it. I just fell in love with live music and would have done anything to be involved in performing live music.

Lewis Hawkins - Guitar, Keyboards

Grant Nicholas (Feeder) was the first guitarist to inspire me & laid the groundwork for my development both as a songwriter & guitarist. Since then I've been able to develop my own sound and identity. Rivers Cuomo made me realise what it takes to craft a perfect song. Buckethead taught me how to convey the deepest of emotions through the guitar. Tom DeLonge showed me that the simplest riffs and songs are usually the catchiest.





Shae Owen-Phillips

I found my passion for drumming at age 12. I truly felt a fire within me to pursue music as a career, the thought of playing to millions of people fuelled me to perfect my obsession. However, as I was learning to play the instrument, school started to interfere with drumming lessons, resulting in me having to give them up. Two or Three years passed & I realised I couldn't find that fire in anything else I was doing.




ieuan Weaver-Jones - Bass

Newest band member ieuan.. bass guitar