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THE BROCKLEBANK are a teenage band from Pontypridd, South Wales. Curtis Hicks (vocals), Lewis Hawkins (guitar), Shae Owen-Phillips (drums), ieuan Weaver-Jones (bass) are all just 18. Second EP 'Youth' is released on 20th April.


The band came together in the last year of school; Curtis becoming so obsessed with 'The 1975' that for a few frantic months he was the perfect Matty doppelgänger. He began writing songs, taught himself guitar & directed his first video - a homage to THE 1975's song 'Robbers'. He'd pulled together the first incarnation of 'The Brocklebank' and was writing songs about growing up, leaving school, leaving home - all those universal scary things!

"It's hard growing up! I was documenting my adolescence as a coping mechanism & that's fundamentally what The Brocklebank is. A documentation of everything we have been, everything we still are & everything we're becoming. The Brocklebank is the soundtrack to who we are".

An early demo of their song 'Criminals' gained them interest from pop icon Roy Stride of 'Scouting For Girls' who gave advice and support throughout the creation of their initial recordings. 

Around the same time they'd also connected with independent label Smart Indie via twitter which led to their first foray into a recording studio & debut EP CRIMINALS

They attracted over three hundred to their sell-out EP launch show at the Muni Arts Centre in Pontypridd & sold over 200 tickets to their end of year show (some achievement as they were the only band on the bill). Their debut single Criminals was supported by BBC introducing & aired by DJ Adam Walton. 


Download the EP & Band Pics from Dropbox

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This song is about doing everything you can to preserve the naivety of being young. The words were written at a time when I felt very lost, says Curtis. I was an adolescent, struggling to come to terms with the fact that I was about to become an adult. Lewis adds, there was this idea I came up with at a practice session & we all instantly fell in love with it. We knew we had to develop it into a full song & it seemed a perfect fit for Curt's lyric. The original version was very different but over time it evolved into what it is today. I think it was one of the first songs that Curt and I co-wrote from scratch.


Download the EP from Soundcloud


People might well see AdoreYou as a love song, almost a cute lullaby, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Its actually a really sad song; the lyrical meaning concealed within catchy pop riffs. It's about desperately seeking acceptance, admiration even. It was like a little note to myself, “what do I have to do to be adored” but in the event, instead of changing who I was, I just channeled my emotions into this song. You cant really change who you are for anyone and I think thats important to remember.




Single is the only love song on the record. Its a very personal song and it exposes me completely. I wrote it at time when I had a very pessimistic view of love. Its a song that's hard for me to talk about. It is what it is; the memory of an unhealthy relationship.



18 is perhaps one of our most intense songs lyrically & it's also a personal favourite. I wrote it the night before the day of my 18th birthday. There was something so unnerving about becoming an adult & I didn't feel quite ready for the responsibility. Theres no chorus and its just a stream of consciousness. I wrote it in a time of need. I turned to the only thing I knew I could do to calm my anxieties.